STRESS - It can be brutal when you're going through it! It can keep you up at night, making you toss and turn. You can end up staring at that alarm clock watching the minutes tick by until that alarm clock tells you it's time to face another day of possible fatigue and misery all over again.

There are thousands of therapists out there to choose from...I'm a very warm and caring professional who's been specializing for the past 20 years in providing counseling to people with work related mental health and/or addiction issues . Sometimes, it's coping with severe burnout, a difficult co-worker/boss, or other mental health issue that's interfering with you being able to make a living.

Are you confused about what you want to do with your career or are you feeling stuck?  Contact me for a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation.

I'm fully certified in two evidence based therapies 1) EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and 2) IFS or Internal Family Systems Therapy .

In a very SAFE manner, EMDR and IFS go deeper and are VERY effective . I emphasize the word SAFE because NOTHING is ever discussed unless YOU are comfortable discussing it. You are truly "the boss" as to what we cover/discuss in therapy.

As a CEAP (Certified Employee Assistance Professional) and therapist in private practice, I'm here to help you get through that difficult termination, layoff or other work related trauma.

While addiction and/or job stress issues are specializations of mine, I'm proficient and comfortable doing therapy with many other issues. Call me to have your 15 minute free phone consultation to see if I might be a good fit.  I look forward to meeting you!


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